Welcome to the Tim Burton's Frankenweenie drinking game:

  • Every time a name from a famous monster movie is uttered, take a sip.
  • Every time a famous monster makes its appearance, drink half a glass.
  • Every time an actor, famous for portraying a monster from an old monster movie, is shown, drink half a glass.
  • And finally: If the, copyrighted, name of a cute animal is visible: Bottoms up!
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Well, at least the story of Frankenweenie won't distract this game. And, really, this is in no way a bad thing, because if you're half a fan of ye olde horror you'll be more busy finding all easter eggs in this movie anyway.

Frankenweenie is a heartwarming hommage from a director who has proven time and again that real horror doesn't need to be scary or only for adults. Famous events, places and scenes from dozens of famous movies are presented under the guise of a story of a young man - naturally named Victor Frankenstein - bringing his dead dog back to life. There is also talk of some kind of festival with some kind of science fair I seem to remember. But that's all totally not important, since I can't imagine anyone going to this movie for the story anyway.

Frankenweenie is a movie not only by, but much more made for, Tim Burton. Nevertheless he is cordially enough to let us see it too. Go see it if you're a fan of the better horror movies. Just bring plenty of sixpacks with you!

And on a personal note, I am glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks Star Trek's Spock is a creepy character better suited for horror than sci-fi...

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