The Chronicles of Riddick, a vanity project

Pitch Black

Dream projects. Many actors and directors have them. And in some rare instances these dreams do prove to be a veritable gold mine. Like Avatar or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But unfortunately, most of the times with these projects, when they even do materialize, it's the film studio that pays the price. Nevertheless, even while these vanity projects rarely are commercially interesting, they always offer a rare view inside the head of someone who dares to dream. And some indeed dare to dream big!

One persistent dreamer is also one of the most exceptional. Where most dreaming actors turn director to realize their dream Vin Diesel managed to really act out his dream on the big screen. As a lifelong enthousiast of Dungeons and Dragons mr. Diesel is no stranger to anti-heroes (his favorite D&D-character isn't a dark elf for nothing), so it's no wonder the role of Riddick fitted him like a glove.Chronicles of RiddickBut, after Pitch Black hardly made any money, the character of Riddick normally would have retired never to hear or see from him again as the actor and director would go on to other projects and the dream would slowly dissipate. Not so in this case. Hardass mr. Diesel wouldn't take no for an answer and, together with director David Twohy, they took on the film studios and managed to convince one of them to scoop up a whopping 105 million dollars for a vanity project.The result? An epic sci-fi space opera that bombed majestically. Nevertheless the two conspirators realized their dream and that alone would be enough to salute them! But the story doesn't end there, since Hollywood has a short attention span and Diesel/Twohy weren't finished telling the tales of big bad Riddick.Dead Man StalkingSo, 9 years later, all losses and disappointments about The Chronicles of Riddick forgotten, we get a third Riddick-movie: Dead Man Stalking. R-rated and made for some 40 million dollars it will probably not set the box offices alight, but, hey, you've got to admire these dreamers, who remind us that sometimes to realize your dream you have to be stubborn, single-minded and unforgetting but above all patient.

Mr. Vincent, you're truly an inspiration to all of us.

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