RIP Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen - Publicity Photograph Taken In Office

As you've undoubtedly heard by now, special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen has passed away. The man, who, almost single-handedly, proved to generations of movie-makers that the only barrier to making movies is your imagination, is no more. His influence cannot be overestimated and it truly is a sad day.

Personally, I am too young to have experienced the impact mr. Harryhausen's movies made on the world first-hand, but the effect he has on other movie makers who still today are using and perfecting his techniques to make even more wonderful movies can be felt on a daily basis. Computers may have paved the way for more realistic impossible images, but they work on the same principal: Combining real images with artificial ones. So, my mind started to wander. What movies did mr. Harryhausen enjoy? I suppose he was a fan of fantasy movies, so the Lord of the Rings-trilogy can be safely assumed. But what if he saw and enjoyed the Hobbit and was curious about how it would end? Or he was looking forward to seeing Pacific Rim? It's depressing to realize that there will come a time for all of us that we will not be able to see that movie we are anticipating for so long. We were lured by the teasers, hooked by the trailers, but will never see the full movie.

That can't be right!

For people like mr. Harryhausen, where movies are such an important part of his life, there can't be a heaven when it doesn't have a cinema with the best picture, the best sound and the best seatings. And no mobile phones...

So, mr. Harryhausen, enjoy the movies!

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