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Movies are fun! So, why are all those reviewers so grave in their reviews? Of course Commando has some pretty big plotholes. Not to mention cheesy effects… But who of us hasn't buckled over laughing over this underappreciated masterpiece?

And surely ('don't call my Shirley!') I'm not the only one who bought the Gladiator DVD just to see the crew member in blue jeans helping Russell Crowe on his horse?


Yet at the same time we spent way too much on special editions of Alien, Star Trek and Terminator. Not to mention those fantastic releases from Criterion…

Movee tries to cater to the movie fan who recognizes the Wilhelm Scream, who can quote The Princess Bride and who has no qualms travelling more than 100 kilometers to go to that one perfect cinema (for me, Antwerp).

Movee: the fun site of movies!